Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yo-Na Invitational Tournament, Bastian, VA

Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum is a proud sponsor of the Yo-Na Invitational Tournament this week in Bastian, Virginia. Yo-Na translated is Bear in the Cherokee Iroquois language. We encourage our friends and colleagues to come out this week in supporting our local regional Baseball teams and wishing them the best of success.

Tournament Schedule April 27th

You can keep track of the results at the Bluefield Daily Telegraph on line.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Blessing Ceremony Opens Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum

Members of the Delaware (Munsee) Nation performed a traditional Blessing Ceremony April 1st at this years opening of the Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum in Bastian, VA.

The traditional ceremony led by Chief of the Turtle Clan, Jack "3 Bears" Eisel and assisted by Chief of the Turkey Clan, Darrell "Two Wolves" Schwarz was held in the recreated Village site.
Chief "3 Bears" said of the Indian Village, "This is all sacred land. We are still here and we are still using it."
"First People were here long before the white men came, said Chief Two Wolves, "The ancestors would be very unhappy if they were forgotten."

Joyce Cheekis Eisel, said, "Everyone should be taught about the First People of Virginia, that is the importance of the village."
"When we pray, we all pray to the same creator," Penny Plummer, Retail Sales Manager said. "We just have different ways of expressing that."
For her part of the prayer, Denise Smith, Museum and Village Manager, noted that people will enter the village from all walks of life. "I prayed the blessing to help people have a positive experience in the village and leave with new knowledge."

“We are pleased to be extending our hours of operation to include Monday this year and are excited about the rebuilding in progress” said Willie Howlett, Bland County Administrator. “This is truly a unique destination for both local residents and visitors to Bland County.

Members of the Delegation were Peggy "Goodwin" Cornell, Tim Cornell
Jack "3 Bears Eisel" Darrell "Two Wolves" Schwarz, Jaime "Golden Otter" Booher, Roy "Red Hawk" Jones, Karen "Grandma Spirit Woman" Jones, Joyce Cheekis Eisel, Lois, "White Dove" Goodwin, Oscar "Lost Wolfe" Goodwin, Raymond "Lightfoot" Goodwin and Carolyn Tomey.