Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wolf Creek Indian Village in the Fall 2010

It has been a very busy time for us at Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum. Our fall school groups are in full swing. We enjoy the children so MUCH!!  Also it is a break from the remodel too when they come for a visit and we get to play, i.e. show how to make rope or tools or fire. We just love it.

But our priority is getting as much of the village as we can reconstructed before winter sets in. Also recreating the displays that make it interesting and turn it into a living museum. We have a place and a need for volunteers. If you are interested contact the museum at

This post will have to be short. We wanted to share pictures of the fall colors and our structures. We now have four standing and set up for visitation. They are not completely finished mind you. Coverings are still being applied and displays are still being built but it is a real experience now. The village is talking and showing us things we had never thought of. Such as we now can clearly understand that the front gate was the gate towards the creek in how they placed the structures. When we finish adding all the structures you can see that the gate visitors now enter into the village can be seen to be better protected by how the structures were built. You won't be able to just walk into the Plaza of the village without walking through a structure first!  The creek side gate was protected with a large guard house. It's like having a front door and a back door.

We are so excited but in the mean time enjoy the pictures.

Oval Pit inside Pottery

Doorway to what we call Cooks & Gardens Structure

7 mystery poles. Have several of these in structures that have nothing to do with support of roof. Interweaving to see what that looks like.

View of another doorway of Cooks & Gardens looking towards Pottery

Latest Baskets being set up

Cooks and gardens inside

Side door of Baskets

Looking out of Baskets towards lodge