Monday, July 25, 2011


Is There Any Help for Sam?
(by Indian Jo Phillips) 
The day fast approaches,
When Sam will bid us adieu,
The village isn't complete,
What can we do?
We seek help for our "physically challenged" Friend,
A "Volunteer Week" has been planned.
Would you please attend?
Give us a call,
Become part of the gang,
And let's send Sam off with a Great Big Bang!
WHERE: Wolf Creek Indian Village
WHEN: AUGUST 3rd - AUGUST 6th 10 AM - 5PM
PARTICULARS: Need good, strong, able bodied people to help Sam finish as much as possible in reconstructing what can be finished before Sam's leaves us for his teaching job. He plans on returning next summer to help us on the Gate houses. 

Bring extra tools if you have them, (we only have one set) hammers, saws, sawhorses, drills etc.

Bring a lunch daily. 

A Thank You SAM party is planned at 4 PM SATURDAY AUGUST 6th in the village. It is pot luck, bring a covered dish or meat to cook on an open fire. Eating utensils will be provided.

If you are not strong enough or able to volunteer please come by Saturday and thank Sam for all his hard work in getting the village to come back to life!!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: CALL Volunteer Coordinator "Indian Jo" at 276-688-3438 Monday-Saturday 9 am - 4 pm. 

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