Saturday, August 20, 2011

WCIV New General Manager begins August 29th

Sam Wright -Former General Manager
This was going to be a very picturesque entry about Sam Wright's Farewell Party. But we are having camera battery problems and there are no pictures. Use your imagination. Stephanie Johnson, Jo Phillips and La Shae Hall (assisted by her daughter Raine) made this a really fun time with balloons, a cake, speeches, good food,  family and friends. We saw Sam off in grand style and he's missed around here. Well...everything except the drum beating and the bull horn in a small space being used as motivational tools!

Sam Wright begins his new career (one he really was striving for when he came to WCIV) teaching school next week. We wish him well and are sure we will see him back from time to time. This place is just special like that.

We now look forward to our new General Manager Sherri Dillow and a new phase for Wolf Creek Indian Village & Museum. Read about Sherri Dillow to manage Wolf Creek  WCIV is growing and just keeps getting better!!!  We ask all our family and friends of WCIV to welcome Sherri and come by and say hello.

Denise Smith for WCIV

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